I feel like im dead

January 30, 2011
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They tell me i cant hid forever, but i will try. I'm unsure of what takes place in this city people are always out, not worried about what the look like or afraid of saying something really stupid. I watch as the bus full of people pass me by as i walk with the cold air sneaking up behind me. I'm just like a ghost i bend in with the people. I walk but no one see me, i talk but no one hear me. But i listen behind the walls to see if people are talking about me or simply just ask about me. Then i put on my rain coat and just idisappear, i feel like I'm dead. think i see people looking at me when in reality they are just looking past me, and some times i get scared. They say the dead has trouble keeping there heads up and hate doing pretty much everything. I don't want to be invisible to the human eye. But what can you do when your already basically dead... a voice in my head keep saying if i hid for ever no one will ever know me.

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