January 30, 2011
By Anonymous

She twirled around the fire skirts swirling and bangles jingling
Her bronze skin was covered with the rag muffin outfits of the gypsies
Her body moved like water and the bangles danced freely around her wrists and ankles
Her long dark hair was twined with long strings of colorful beads

Her skirts spun and spun mixing and morphing together in bright colors
Her bronze skin started to spin as well and her bangles started jangling louder
Her feet never stopped moving and it was growing hot like a metal forgery
The beads in her hair twirled around growing longer

The campfire quieted and laying on the ground was a pile of bronze bangles
Hanging off the bronze metal were beautifully colored beads
Pieces of multi-colored string were tied to the bangles and anklets
A little girl came and picked up the pieces of metal and she moved with grace
The Bracelets jangled and twisted while she started to dance around the fire

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