Given Up

January 16, 2011
By , Venetia, PA
Is this the end?
Is this where I make my final stand?
I'm on a bridge, got my gun in hand
I'm ready to give up, let go
Say goodbye to all I know

I tried to be the best I could be
But that's not what the world will see
I wrote the letter, then ripped it to shreds
How many ways could I write, "Wish I was dead."?

Maybe someone will miss me
I hope that they will learn to see
And be proud that I died on my call
Too long I've fallen, and had to crawl

I've given up on this bleak road
Couldn't swim the way life flowed
I wrote the note and put it on your bed
The spots empty, where I laid my head

This is the end
I just couldn't mend
Look to the stars and you’ll find me shining
Guess it’s my own kind of silver lining

I needed love but only felt scorn
I needed comfort, but felt so torn
I tried to leave this agonized spinning wheel
In the end I lost everything that made me feel

Don’t forget the good times, hold them close
Don’t forget that I’ll be there, if only a ghost
God grants second chances, but no second lives
In mine it was impossible to really be, to be truly alive

You were the one thing that kept me anchored here
But I’m holding you back from your life, it’s time I disappear
I felt no greater love than your touch, or joy from your kiss
But it’s far too late to wish and reminisce

The notes waiting, I wrote it longhand
It’s time to go, I got my command
Don’t linger too much on how or why
Please forget me, my love, please don’t cry
I signed my name and dated it twice
This is the throw of fate’s dice

And so I say goodbye
I've given up

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WithPenAndScript said...
Feb. 15, 2011 at 2:22 pm
Don't know why this is piblished Anonymous 
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