Much Longer

January 15, 2011
By PiperAuslinn GOLD, Somewhere, California
PiperAuslinn GOLD, Somewhere, California
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Your never a man when your eyes seem to shun all the truth in the sky.

It’s progressing over me now. As if it’s eating me inside even when I feel so alone, but maybe that’s why I feel so hallow. I want to leave this structure. I thought it was supposes to be strong, but my skin can’t be as strong as it used to be forever. It’s starting to collapse I can feel it in my bones.

My body, my burden I won’t need you much longer.

There’s a candle inside, melting away all the frozen time and love. The heat is making my blood flow, its making my remember the times. The times where things were better, the times were this wasn’t all going wrong.

My hearts white flag is frozen and it has been begging to melt.
My heart, my hero I won’t need you much longer.

My tears are falling, my life is falling apart. Why does everything seem to falling, when I feel like I’m floating above myself? I’m using this concept called reality to help me stay calm to stay serine, when all its doing is keeping me from the ground.

My mind, my mystery I won’t need you much longer.

This wanting that I thought I never needed and this whole that is making me half. I keep reaching for something I’m not sure I’ll ever get. When I get it will I still want it? This feeling of regret is beginning to fill my void and tumble my hope. I’m causing a scene when all I want is seclusion.

My safe, my structure I won’t need you much longer.

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