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Don't Be Her

January 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Don’t be the girl, whose tears run down her face.
Just as she realizes shes made the biggest mistake.
Don’t allow utter suffocation.
As you try to hold on.
Shes trying to hold on
But this pain,
This pain is just too strong.
Don’t be the girl. With blood running down her wrists.
Eyes going shut
As she choses to hold on.
It will be too late.
Keep holding on.
Then the voices in your head will all be screaming that somethings wrong.
This broken child.
She doesn’t know where she is or even why she did this.
Started just as relief, a razor and a few tiny cuts.
Becoming so addictive, she cut too much.
Don’t be that girl lying in her bed,
Wishing she could go back.
As her world disappears and everything goes black.
Hold on.
Don’t wait and see.
Believe and know.

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