What you don't know

January 14, 2011
What you don’t know won’t hurt you,
That’s what they say.
But how will it affect me,
Will I tell and give my secrets away?
No, instead I will cover
It up.
Hide it away inside,
Not expecting the effect to be so abrupt.
What you don’t know,
Is eating me from the inside out,
But I pretend not to care,
I’m not one to cry and pout.
I don’t make scenes,
Except when I’m alone,
Then I cut and drink myself,
To the golden throne.
It shatters,
And reality sinks in,
What you don’t know,
I hide deep within.
Tears are silent,
The pills seem to scream,
They slide down my throat,
The world is just to mean.
Not one person looked,
Or cared enough to go,
And ask me about the things,
You don’t know.
About how I hate,
The world I’m trapped inside.
To everyone except myself,
Do I abide.
Friends say they will always be there,
Where are they now?
Even they don’t seem to care,
How did this happen, how?
Full of regret I chuck the bottle away.
It’s too late, and I’m the one to be blamed,
I can’t tell my mother,
She’d be so ashamed.
My father’s at work,
And my sisters not home,
So I sit in a corner,
Slowly dying alone.

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