raindrops/would you see me?

January 25, 2011
By mellicious BRONZE, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey
mellicious BRONZE, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey
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I see Raindrops Splatter
on my window.
i hear the soft Plop
as each one crashes
against cold steady glass.
into millions of tiny pieces.

I wonder What it would be like,
to be a Raindrop.
To fall and fall. with no purpose or direction.
crashing upon this earth,
in a chaotic and explosive burst.

I wonder
Who would notice?

At first glance
I see not each abstract drop of water.I see rain.
a Symphony of liquid instruments;
never seeing the violin within the orchestra
just the sea of instruments.
At first glance
I do not see the raindrop.

So what if it were me,
Exploding on your windowpane?
would you see me?

If i were a leaf on a branch.
just a face in a crowd
Would you see me?

If i were lightning
that struck a tree and sent terror into your soul,
if only for a moment,
would you see me?

you would see only the symphony
of rain that composes me
and not the fluid droplets.
you should look again.

because i see you.
I see each flicker
of hope,fear,sadness and regret
that you hide
behind sunken eyes

Because i see the Raindrops
splatter on my window.
I hear the soft plops,pangs,and patter,
as each one crashes down.
because i know what it's like to be shattered
into millions of tiny pieces.

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