January 25, 2011
By , Shoreline, WA
Guilt is to feel like someone is wrenching your heart out
With no way to save yourself
You’re endlessly falling into your own pool of blackness
And then you drown..
And drown..
You suffocate with your own regret
You forever suffer in your own darkness of your mind
You beg for forgiveness
You beg for mercy
It never comes
Guilt refuses to let you heal
To move on
Every move you make is with pain
The light is far behind you now
You’re trapped in a warped maze
With no way out
Dizziness overcomes you
And you faint
Either way you still wake up lost
How can you find the path to freedom?
Does it even exist anymore?
How can you be saved?
You lose yourself
Surrounded by a cloak of darkness
You search for that beam of light
You search for hope
That everything will be all right
That you’ll survive this scary situation
You try to climb out of the hole you’re stuck in
To escape the black and eerie murkiness below
Is it possible to get back on track again?
To once again be a free spirit
Or are you doomed to be miserable
Guilt eats you from the inside
Makes you go crazy
How you wish to apologize
Sorry for everything
I didn’t mean too
It’s to late now
Each day you die a little
Knowing you’re not forgiven
There’s no peace
It’s long gone
It’s all you think about day and night
Endlessly waiting for it to end
For it to be over, but it comes back
No matter how much you desire redemption
It never comes
The idea of a dream to be free
Slowly becomes a distant memory
As you lose yourself forever
Time consumes you
And your heart is gone
But the guilt is there

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