January 24, 2011
By , longmont, CO
I'm not your toy
And I'm not your doll
I'm not yours to play with
I'm not yours at all

We don't live in a fairytale
And we don't need fairydust
We don't belong together
For we have nothing but lust

I don't play outside
While you work in the garden
I've never been a princess
My castle was a one-bedroom apartment

You don't read me bedtime stories
And I don't make promises
You don't tuck me in at bedtime
And you've never blown me kisses

I don't play on jungle gyms
And I don't play in the street
They only time you've ever loved me
Is simply when you beat

I rarely ever played anything
Besides pretend house and family
For everytime you overdosed
I was mom and you were baby.

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