Blues Tune

January 24, 2011
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The blues used too stick to me when pain or sorrow touch my soul
I’m young, but old
I understand the blues now
I can sing a tune or just talk in that blues voice and have everybody understanding
The blues is simple, but can be misunderstood
The blues can be the ups and downfalls of your childhood
Around my early ages
The blues was stupid; I knew something was going on, but what was it
Now I’m on this stage with people waiting on my blues testimony
Applauding stops and there waiting impatiently
I put my guitar with those flames going across it around my back
With that leopard print strap
Who’s feeling that blues tonight in the audience?
Not the usual, I got that new school blues
You see by the expressions they gave me, the tune I played, the words I spoke
The whole blues crowd took me for a joke.
Like I said before the blues can be misunderstood
Also the ups and downs of your childhood
It’s ok cause I got that new school blues.

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