The Art Of Intimacy

January 24, 2011
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I can't forget the way your lips taste or the way your tongue feels
The way your soft hands caress my body feels so surreal.

What I feel for you is different from anything I've felt before
You touch my life in such an intimate way that I know I've finally found the intimacy I've been searching for.

I try to touch your heart the same way you've touched mine
But I feel the more I wanna be closer to you the more I tear apart what we've built together for all this time.

There's nothing like letting nature take its course
And having love for someone with such an unbelievable force.

Everytime our bare bodies touch I feel this undeniable chemistry
That's when I know my heart,mind and body is where it's suppose to be.

When all else fails and all I can do is dream
And my heart's given all the love it can give all there is is an empty feeling.

With each and every breath I take
Is another deep move you make.

Laying there with your hand in mine
It's almost as if our lives are forever intertwined.

When you hold me close I feel like your heart is reaching out to my soul
And everytime we kiss the story of my passion remains untold.

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