What Daughter Do You Behold?

January 24, 2011
Elena walked along the city at night
Didn’t care that the street lights gave her a fright
She saw shadows moving past them
Mist moving in them
And when she got to them
They were hidden
Creepy crawlers climbed her skin
Rats nipped her toes
But Elena didn’t return home
Something worst lingered there
A terrible bear?
No one knew but the girl
She never spoke
She never cried
She just screamed
And showed her pride
The bugs came
And the rats ate
And by morn she was nothing but a ghost
Not that she started out as much before
But the night fine crisps
Tore her apart
The rats ate her toes
And the crawlers chewed her skin
Until she was beautiful again
She left her body on the road
For her family to find to loath
She was never there
They were never with her
And when society asked what happened to their daughter
They would respond with “What daughter do you behold?”

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