January 29, 2011
Wondering, pondering of which is, and what may.
Stare of the sky, beseech of the mind.
Sense of emptiness, alone in kind.
The sun in the horizon,
bittersweet, choking the heart.
Can't help but drift.
Drift out trodden black.
Road un-walked.
Be-sense of individual.
Locked in the mind.
Wondering. Yet of which shan't be spoken.
Petals trodden asunder
Through the eyes of another,
the crow, he does yet watch.
Fallen wrought.
In wonderment thought.
What if I want to try?
Thought of mind,
flower in behind.
The sun leaves no shine.
Not of to understand,
but a wondering.
Sense of emptiness, lost forgot.
Not of which was.
Mind escapes, black erase.
No longer the song.
Crow forebode of then and here.
Life comes the sight.
Petals withered.
Blown in a wind across empty streets.
Beseem the mind.
Relinquish that in not.
Crow is calling, the sky befalling.
Procure the face. Darkened place.
What if I want to be?
Sense of emptiness.
Not alone.
But lost in self.
Who contrived?
A sadness live?
a touch beseech-ed.
Familiar fingers, in hope they've reached.
Their face, in wordless speech.
Know not, the mind of sight.
Not human in right.
Nothing, a shell of life.
Left in breathes.
All of that it needs.
Aura of mind, whispering out.
Feelings and thought. Emptiness creates.
Of which is and what may.
Ever wondering.
Ere a time, so long a time.
All left behind.
Shaking, cannot speak.
The petals are gone now.
Flown as the crow.
Only two by-stand. One is gone, human.
Other here, watched a sense of emptiness.
Drift out, trodden black.
Stare of the sky, beseech of the mind.
a feeling in reached.
Familiar fingers.
Familiar face.
All yet left to lay.
Walls gone, of wonderment thought.
What if I want to know?
How it feels to touch the snow?
Door of the soul, our eyes will speak,
where words cannot.
Alone in kind.
Blackened sky, world of gray.
Petals trodden,
the crow forgotten.
A life locked in the mind.
Not alone.
But lost in self.
Who contrived?
A sadness live?
In depths never reached.
Crawling through, a thought beseech-ed.
Human soul, mind so leeched.
Thought in ponder.
Of which is.
May you follow.
Ever wondering.
A sense of emptiness.
What if I want to try?
In a way, to touch the sky?
I see your face.
In solemn embrace.
What is wondered.
Never explained.
For of human mind and thought.
Depths never seen.
The soul.
In ponder for we cannot.
Never explained.
True nature of human mind.
No words, only an aura of feeling.
Whispers through, kind in fleeing.
Take my hand.
And maybe of, may that which is not, suffice.
For no words can exist.
To explain this thought of human mind.
Only the wonderment.
Of your soul.

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