We Miss You JMW

January 29, 2011
By CarleeRobin12 GOLD, Pitsburg, Ohio
CarleeRobin12 GOLD, Pitsburg, Ohio
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Loss is the feeling of emptiness,

You know its there, but you just want to ignore it

Or fight through it.

But one thing people can’t do,

Is defeat it.

You feel alone,

And trapped,

In a world that doesn’t make since,

In a world that is missing something,

That happiness,

That loyalty.

The depression of it only grows stronger,

And stronger,

Until you burst.

Burst into what?






Guilt of wanting it to be you not him,

Guilt of him dying and not you,

Guilt of feeling so alone that you just want to join him.

But wait.

God took him for a reason,

God needed him to fulfill accomplishments here upon this earth.

And he did,

16 years of it,

John has completed his mission.

And he has gone to where he was meant to be,

Along God’s side,

Looking down upon us,

Watching us and waiting,

Waiting to retrieve the next soul that had accomplished greatness,

God keep our friend,

Our companion,

And our loved one safe from all evil.

John may you rest in peace

The author's comments:
This is about one of the most loved 16 year old in the world a community of about 4,000 showed their love and attended his funeral and viewing. He was one of my greatest friends and was loved deeply.

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This article has 3 comments.

Robert said...
on Feb. 16 2011 at 8:27 am
I love you Car! You have the best heart!

Daun said...
on Feb. 16 2011 at 8:25 am
My daughter has such a big heart, and whoever has the chance in the future to be with her will be very lucky. I still remember her telling me she had a crush on this boy in 5th grade. She was really happy. But when I heard he had passed to God, I broke down when I heard her crys and grieving. I love you CarCar!!

Manders said...
on Feb. 16 2011 at 8:21 am
This is THE best poem I've ever read. I knew the person she is talking about, he was so kind and sweet. He was also one of the most loving and caring people in the world. And she was right about how our community is of 4,000 people and every single one went to his funeral and viewing. Even though his death brought grief and sorrow, it also brought our community together and this helped the family get through this time period. It will always hurt but that hurt of loss will become love to him and his family. =)


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