Soaring Pawns

January 28, 2011
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I felt I was, or
Perhaps I was, just a
Mere Piece, a Piece for a
Game controlled by those not
Me. A pawn. I was a pawn. A
Lonely white chess pawn.
Destined to the gift of
Flight, of soaring Free.
One day, I took of. I simply
Cascaded from the board of
Existence and took to the
Sky; as a virus takes to a weak
Immunity; strong, but subtle.
I felt the creation of
God against my very soul,
The cool heat teasing my very
Existence. I walked on the
Clouds. I walked with no
Intent as I strode past the Most
Peculiar Places.
A passionate Desire took me; a
Desire to do, to know, to Love.
Once, as I was
Gliding over a Heartless yet
Lonely Desert, I realized the
Preparation that my Nature lacked. I held a mind
As unprepared as a battlefield
Drenched in the lost Blood of
Innocent Birds like myself.
The Stoical Stream would form a
River, ruined by the
Distance of the Horizon,
A river that would carry
The Innocent Souls to
Soon after this
Realization stole my
Conscious mind, my Thoughts were
Revoked. I remembered, then.
I remembered how
Intriguing I once thought
It would be.
Now I felt the
Sick feeling of
Fear daring me to turn around.
I willed my Existence
To turn, though my
Existence willed me Opposite.
So I stopped. Simply stopped.
Perhaps I flowed with the
Ruined River, perhaps
I couldn’t expect as
Much; for the Personal Expectations
Of a Fallen
Bird are as painful
As an unreleased

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