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January 28, 2011
By RobynHodo BRONZE, Laval, Other
RobynHodo BRONZE, Laval, Other
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Favorite Quote:
When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping
-My mom :)

A hero?
No, that's not me.
A hero can fly,
A hero is strong,
A hero can climb up walls, And a hero always shows up in the nick of time.
I can't fly, and I'm not strong.
I'm afraid of heights, and I'm always late.
Sure, I fight fires and help sick kids.
And ask for nothing in return,well, except for a smile. :)
But, that doesn't make me a hero...
Does it?
A hero has x-ray vision,
A hero can teleport,
A hero owns laser rings,
And a hero has the ability to heal instantly.
I can't do that!
I can't afford laser rings,
And the paper I got last week, STILL hurts.
So, I can't be a hero...
Can I?
No, I don't think so.
But.. wouldn't reading to the blind count?
It IS a good deed.
And, hey!
I volunteered at the retirement home yesterday.
The lady I stayed with was so grateful.
So, can I be a hero?
Well, I think giving good advice,
On not doing drugs,
To a man I just met,
Is a little heroic.
So, ya!
I guess I am a hero after all.
I take flight when I save someone from a fire.
I gain strength when I help a sick child.
My x-ray vision is seeing how other people think,
And being patient with their thoughts.
I heal the need and the want to be normal,
Of the ones who are disabled.
So I think I am a hero!
I have all those powers,
But I just didn't know it.
Now I do though,
And I'll continue being a hero
For as long as I can
A hero who didn't know a thing.

The author's comments:
We just had our exams in school, and our English one was based on heroes.
I just wanted to put out the message of what a real hero is and what many see a hero to be. The man in my poem does not think that he is a hero because he does not know what a real hero is. Just the same as many people. Today, we are surrounded by the media that sometimes gives us the wrong idea about certain things. When we see batman, spider-man, etc, on our televisions we just think that THAT is what a hero is. But all the little good things that you do make you a hero :)
I hope you enjoy/ed reading my piece.

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