You said goodbye

January 28, 2011
when you said you loved me.
i let my walls comedown.
now your gone... and i cant breath.
you said you loved me.
when you first kissed me.
my heart was yours.
now your gone...and its shattered on the floor.
you first kissed me.
when you held me close.
you promised never to let go.
now your gone...and its cold.
you once held me.
when you told me goodbye.
i couldn't believe it.
now your gone...and i am empty like a hollow shell.
you said goodbye.
now i spend all day in my head.
remembering every word you said.
you broke promises.. and my heart.
you're in the hall.
smiling with that girl.
you ignored me... like we never loved.
you are all around.
you said you loved me!
you first kisses me!
you once held me!
you said goodbye!
and like a phoenix.
i rise from the ashes you burned me in.
i rise and spread my wings,
turn and fly away.
i say goodbye.

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