Where Are You?

January 28, 2011
Tears falling,
I look out
and see only darkness.
Isn't the sun supposed to be shining?
Isn't the sky supposed to be blue?

Clock ticking,
it's only 11
in the morning.
Where are the birds that should be singing?
Where are the clouds that should be dancing?

People talking,
all around me
and yet I feel alone.
Why can't I be what everyone wants me to be?
Why can't I be smiling and laughing?

Blood dripping,
from my arm
and it hurts more than anything.
Why is this my only release?
Why is this the only thing that makes life easier?

Tears falling,
I look up
and no one's there.
Aren't you supposed to be here for me?
Aren't you supposed to care?

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