January 28, 2011
The dumb are famous,
the smart are invisible.
The young die,
the old linger.
The good are punished,
the wicked run free.
The blind can see,
what we cannot.
The deaf understand,
without being told.
The women are men,
the men are women.
Children growing old,
old are growing young.
The mute are talking,
and the talking are mute.
The fools rule,
the wise die.
A child is wiser than the fools, although.
The veterans die,
yet no one honors them.
A celebrity dies,
the whole world is in hysterics.
A child with no parents.
The kind are pushed away,
the mean are accepted.
The honest are run out,
the corrupt are the leaders.
How is this world
supposed to function?
Everything is all twisted up.
Am I the only one who even notices?

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