Inside your mind

January 28, 2011
By , Victoria, Canada
I want to get inside your mind

pry open the walls you won't let down

peel back all the used paint

what i find wouldn't scare me

the only thing that scares me is worrying about losing you

allowing red rivers to re-open

& ocean deep thoughts to rise up once more

i'm not scared of love

the only thing i'm scared of is falling

so wrap me up in this twisted game

i wana feel every single ounce of pain that you've felt

how your heart is pressed against your ribs

how your chest rises & falls

i wana be in that pattern

i want every breath i take to be worth it

because it means i'm closer to seeing you

this isn't some stupid romance poem

believe me, ive read plenty of them

i'm just asking you

to make some effort

i don't want you to promise

because they always end up broken

but your the only person ive trusted like this

so don't let my heart pump this blood through my body for nothing

cause your the only person that ive bothered sticking around for

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