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February 2, 2011
By FrozenRose BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
FrozenRose BRONZE, Rochester Hills, Michigan
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If I wrote a song of my love
It would only bring tears
For my one-sided love story
Will never be complete

And what ruptures my soul
Is that we're never meant to be
Everything between you and me
Is almost nothing at all

But you never knew
How you broke me every time you left
You never knew
How you murdered me with every "bye" you said.

Let it rain
Let it pour
As I cry myself to sleep
Give me some company
On those nights that never end

Let darkness
Envelope me
As I silently utter your name
Blind me from you breathtaking eyes
Imprinted forever on my mind

Let time stop
Let world end
As your arms encircle me
Even though you're telling me
That we're nothing more than friends

And every time I try
To wipe you from my mind
Your face appears only clearer
Mocking me with that beautiful smile

I count your flaws day by day
To convince myself you're not all you seem to be
But with every wrong I find
It transforms to a right
And you become evermore perfect to me

Every night I search the sky
For a single shooting star
To wish just one wish
That one day you'll be mine

Let it snow
Let it hail
Join me in my winter
Looking for you

Let the world drop
So that no one can see
That I am falling secretly
Just for you

Let it stop
Let it numb
As my wounds open anew
'Cause I'm not over you

And my story will never be complete
Because friends
Is all we'll ever be
You and me.

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