Is That So Wrong?

February 2, 2011
By , Williamston, MI
A tear drop falls,
Down to the deep, dark puddle beneath her feet.
All those cursed calls,
Make her heart stop its beat.

She has lived thirteen years of this torture,
Thirteen years too much.
She can’t go much farther,
Because she flinches at her own touch.

Every slap, every kick, every curse,
She needs to hide.
It has been the worst
She just wants to die.

Why do they hurt her?
She goes through it every day.
They hate her for sure,
She wants to make them pay.

How much more can she take?
But they are gone for the night.
She hurts at the cuts and bruises they make,
She wishes they die with all her might.

She never woke to her parents “slap, curse, slap”
They are gone.
A tear falls down to her lap,
But they were tears of joy. Is that so wrong?

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