February 2, 2011
The world of greek mythology is very cool.
Its full of monsters and gods.
Who have superhuman abilities.

The gods are cruel and judgmental.
Each god has his or her own domain in the world.
Each god has their own unique power.

There are monsters who are horrible creatures
Who hate the gods and humans.
They trap and kill humans and demigods.

There are also children of the gods.
Who are called minor gods.
Who also have their own domain in the world.

There are also nature spirits and satyrs.
They take care of everything nature.
They take care of everything wild.

There is so much more about greek mythology.
It is so awesome to learn about.
It is the best.

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13matthewwilliams said...
May 20, 2011 at 8:11 am
This poem will pe published in the newest Creative Communication Book
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