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Walk softly down the Endless Road

February 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Walk softly down the Endless Road,
For the Reign of Shadow has begun.
Awakened from its deathly slumber,
He reaches for the sun.
Pay no heed to the Blind and Lame,
For they serve under the Shadow’s hand.
Bringing only pain and sorrow,
To this sickened land.
Continue on your lonely way,
Tarry no longer in the city streets.
Walk down the path that lays hidden.
Pray it’s not you he seeks.

Walk softly down the Endless Road,
Let not the Sleeping Lions stir.
Head towards the Moving Castle,
Let not the visions deter.
As he opens the Gates to you wide,
Pass not under them, but halt.
Stand strong and tall in his wake,
Bring the Shadow to fault.
Take not his hand as you walk,
Look not into his eyes.
Instead look past the Shadow
And through all his lies.

Walk softly down the Endless Road.
Forget that Evil is ever near.
Walk softly down to meet the Endless.
Introduce her to Death’s sweeter ear.
Turn off the Darkness to trigger the Light.
Let the Seven burn once again.
Send a message to all of the Earth,
That the Hidden Queen is slain.
Then slip into a Sleep of Ages.
Forget all behind that door.
And let the world cushion your fall.
And walk the Endless Road forevermore.

The author's comments:
I actually wrote this to accompany a collection of stories I am working on.

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