Evil Teachings

February 4, 2011
In my very own mind
My thoughts must be thought
The ones I should be thinking
I have not been taught
I can think all I need to
Not there if not taught
My brain is still working
It's all working fine
But how can thoughts be there
If the thought is not mine

For it is not instinct
If instinct is real
To know more than you should know
Know more than you feel
A teacher's required
to teach more than you feel
But when you're taught wrong
That's how this begins
You're taught all the evils
You're taught all the sins

A child does not judge
By shape or by size
No color or vision
seen in the child's eyes
Won't alter impression
Not in the child's eyes
But when he's been taught
Corrupted for good
He judges without thought
Like he's been taught he should

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