Buried Deep Within

February 4, 2011
By CarlyKendrick15 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
CarlyKendrick15 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Falling Down. Nothings Right.
Losing Fast. Dark as Night
The Regrets of My Past.
Trying to hide it all.
The sadness.
The pain.
The anger.
The loneliness.
The hate.
The longing.
The regret.
The pain.
Is coming through. My heart, my eyes.
Can't let it out.
So instead of wiping a tear.
I smile.
Cheeks spread from ear to ear.
You think I'm okay.
You think I'm fine.
But I'm not.
I choose to hide my pain.
Burying it deep inside me.
Till someone uncovers it.
Till sadness finds me.
Once more.

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