February 4, 2011
By Carolyn GOLD, Victoria, Texas
Carolyn GOLD, Victoria, Texas
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Beautiful things come out of horrible situations. I know for a fact. Out of sadness you get a new found wisdom on how the world can look with a haze of gray clouds, how people can be senseless, how you can see the whole universe in a whole new way. And that may be hard to handle, hard to cope, hard to accept, but it is so damn beautiful if you really take the chance to realize. Out of anger, you can feel your heart beat race, with every beat it is shaking your whole being and not only the heavy steps you take. It is when you, your whole self and some power is telling you that you are alive. And that is amazing in every angle. Out of anything there is something in there that makes it incredible. Something that makes it shine. Whatever you feel is potent and it is such a blessing to be able to feel what you feel. You just have to think about it.

At times it seems odd that we don't speak anymore
Three years ago from today I still knew who you were
You took so much and gave nothing
I still think, write, talk, and dream about what it would have been like 
If I had been able to keep you 
You'll never have me and I'll never have you
It's all your fault
I could have had that part of us that was accidently conceived and I don't even have that
It's all my fault
I would have kept you both if I could

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