February 3, 2011
It's been days

I'm deteriorating

My senses weakening

I'm so hungry

I can't remember the last time I had something hot slip past my gums

I walk in the bar to get out of the rain

People everywhere

So tempting

I hear so many hearts beating

Every person that walks by I can smell so well

Where they've been

What their blood type is

All of a sudden

I hear the sweetest sound

I hear you breathing

I feel your heart beating in every inch of my lifeless body

My mouth waters

I spot you

I see your veins quiver and pulse under your skin

As if your skin were see through

I could count every vein

Your smell is so sensual

I sit at the bar

Just listening to you being alive

The amazing sounds you make

If only you knew what I feel

The heat in my face

My nerves on edge

Unable to sit still

So anxious

The animal taking over

Ever sense on overdrive

Clutching my drink

I feel the glass about to break

I am squeezing it so hard

I can't hear the music

Your blood is so loud

Your heart beat hypnotizes me

Like the rhythm of a voodoo drum

It's like adrenalin

My heart would be racing

If it still was beating

My breathing would be panicky and short

If I had any breath

I don't know what I'll do if I can't have you

I need you

I see you have noticed me as I have you

You stare from across the room

You smile

I smile back

If you only knew the danger

Of simply looking at me

You can't help yourself

You leave you seat

You glide across the floor

You come and sit next to me

"Are you thirsty?"


If you only knew...

We lock eyes

I have you now

And you won't get away... alive

I ask you to kiss me

Of course you can't say no

Your so close

Your breath caresses my lips

I almost take you

So many witnesses

It would be a massacre

I pull back from the pain

The need for you hurts me

We stare at one another

Not speaking a word

Just living in our gaze

I order you drink after drink

So you blood is nice and thin

We talk and laugh

As if this were a date

I ask you to follow me outside

I help you off your stool

As we walk from the bar

You come without a word

Just a smile

We go through the front door

I ask you to do something for me

I whisper it to you

Pulling your curls back from your ear

"Follow me."


We walk into the ally hand in hand

But our evening is coming to an end

I stop you

You look at me... so confused

I grab your shoulders

Feeling the life in your body

Now in my hands

I smell the life in you

I slam you up against a wall

You seem surprised

But you don't even fight

I run my icy, cold lips up and down your warm neck

I can feel your pulse much better now

You rap your arms around me

Holding me as tightly as I hold you

Your heart beat is louder and more intense then ever

I can't fight it any longer

I kiss you deeply as if saying...

Thank you

You nuzzle me trying to find skin

I bite

Your swan like neck pulling away

You gasp for air

Though it won't come

Every emotion is rushing through my body

The amber, hot liquid is sweeter then I remembered it to be

It flows so beautifully from your body into me

Like a dance

I feel the warmth of your body against mine

Lost in our hot embrace

The world is spinning

A million thoughts

Do you have family...?

Do you have children...?

Are you in love...?

No one will know what happened to you

Then reality hit again

Your heart beats faster and faster

Then slows

I can barely hear it now

Just a soft tap

Your eyes close

Your feeble body now limp in my strong hands

I pull back stopping myself

Your eyes glazed

Your skin pale

Lips blue

You try to speak

But no word can be made

I hold you close again

Tears in my eyes

I am warm again

Warmer then I've ever been

I am strong again

Stronger then I've ever been

And filled with your life

Your heart beats too slow for you to stay awake now

I lay you gently on the ground

I bite my wrist and let my own blood drip on your wounds

I watch them vanish and my blood turn to ash

I kiss you good-bye

I tell you how thankful I am for you to have fed me

I tell you I don't know if you will live

Even though you can't hear me

I disappear into the night once more

So the city is safe again from me

I am a man

But not human

My heart no longer beats

I no longer breathe

I am a carnivorous animal that stalks the night

The living are my meals

And I a Vampire...

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Apeggy said...
Feb. 17, 2011 at 6:05 pm
i really like this poem,it's different than any other i've read! great job!
Anti-Human replied...
Apr. 19, 2011 at 8:56 pm
Thank you.
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