a darkness beheld

January 28, 2011
By Jacob Wendt SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Jacob Wendt SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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flowing darkness never seizes to exist
a life so cold and lifeless
coming are the shadows
that remind me of loss

never going too far
never stopping they come
dripping sadness into my soul
washing the light from my eyes

in the midst I see nothing
emptiness is everything
wandering to world I slow
waiting for my soul to die

my spirit hides from me
for I am of darkness
upon which it consumes me
where I am lost for life

Consuming my shapeless existence
I have nothing to hide
for fear will only take control
Of the darkness I never conquered

shaping my form, my entity
Warping me dreaming into reality
I cry only blood for you
Upon whence I come from

The dreams never fall to shape
They only create my darkness
Losing balance in my fantasy
and losing focus on my sanity

The author's comments:
sadness, pain, loss, darkness, all inspired me to write something emotional like this. I have dark emotions flowing through me and hidden which I bring out in my work.

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