Some Day Love Shall Bloom

January 24, 2011
By halo3queen BRONZE, St. Charles, Missouri
halo3queen BRONZE, St. Charles, Missouri
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Summer nights upon the hearth,
Our hands intertwined,
Our eyes locked with no other sight,
Our hearts beating as one.
Happiness swarms our souls,
As we lie in eachother’s arms,
The innocence of true love,
Vibrating in our surroundings.
Our minds know no limit,
To the future we seek,
Pictures of children and marriage,
Swim among our minds.
We breathe in eachother’s sent,
And hold onto eachother’s forms,
We dare not let go,
In fear of ending the moment.
Birds coo in the background,
But we hear no sound,
Only my head on his chest,
The beat of his heart.
Our smiles are true,
Plastered upon our faces,
We seek the other to smile,
Just once more for a memory.
We talk as friends,
As lovers true,
We speak of only hope,
In the near future.
One day soon,
We pray to be together,
Nothing in our way,
Only our love to sustain.
Forbidden no more,
We will set sail and adventure,
Our adventure as one,
An adventure not known.
Beautiful intimacy,
With no one but each other,
Beauty to be blossomed,
In the years to come.
Again and again,
Forbidden they say,
We speak to one another,
Knowing it will come someday.

The author's comments:
Like Romeo and Juliet, my boyfriend and I were not allowed to see eachother because of our parents. Now, well over a year later, we have outlasted their resistence and strengthened our loving relationship. Love is a beautiful thing: when it comes to you, capture it, hold on tight, and fight for it no matter what.

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