Just Let the Rain Fall

January 24, 2011
By amandanitz BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
amandanitz BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Thinking about it more just makes the pain develop inside
I try to make it go away by distracting my mind with other things,
But all I have to do is look through that back window and into the empty back yard for the feelings to stir up again

“I miss you” I say,
Even thoughh I know you can’t hear me
“I love you” I say,
Even though it doesn’t mean a thing anymore
“I’m sorry” I say,
Because I know you wouldn’t even understand a word I’m saying anyway

They’ve all been telling me you’re replaceable,
As if you were a stuffed animal or child’s toy
But it was only you that could bring a true smile to my face
With your genuine floppy ears and pure black fur that never ceased to shine

As of now
I’m just letting the rain fall
Letting it soak into my clothes
Letting it dampen my hair,
But soon enough I’ll be pulling out my umbrella,
Sheltering myself from the progressively pouring rain
I’ll be running inside, ready to shove it all behind me and move on
But right now,
The pain is the only remaining connection I have with you,
And I already miss you too much to say goodbye for good

I loved you yesterday
I love you today
And I will love you tomorrow,
Whether you’re here to know it or not.

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