January 24, 2011
Our hearts can’t sing, or souls rejoice
The heaven’s choirs lost their voice
A tear fell in hopeless desperation

The words were lost, the song was old
The warm words iced into cold
The sheets slipped from the closing hands of prayer

But master hands hit on the beat
The music was too bittersweet
The rhythm was our tattered Eulogy

We once were blind, he made us see
The words that made my spirit free
Now I lost all inspiration

Give me something real today
A hope, a prayer that I can say
A hope that we’ll come back ashore

Give me something that will make me sing
A chorus rejoicing for the king
A song of endless, perfect harmony

I need some inspiration

Fix the words, the song is here
His voice is drawing near
The beauty of the music fills the air

The choir has the melody
The song that has made me see
At long last I am free

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