New Year, New Everything

January 28, 2011
I don"t see black as black anymore
I don't see red as red anymore
I don't see the sky as blue anymore
and I don"t see the grass as green anymore

I see all those colors not as reb, black, blue, and green
But instead all the other colors but that one color

WHen i look at the clock at 7 a.m. I dont think ohhhhh, great school again
No, i think okay school new things to learn and new people to meet

When I look at the calandar I don't see another boring new year
No, I see it as an axciting new year, A time to meet new people, go to new places ant to learn new things

A year to make me, me
NOt to try to dress and act like everyone else But a year to act like myself and to dress like myself

THat's why this year won't be another boring year
the same thing everyday
Like I'm on a shedule
But, a brand new and exciting Year!!!!!!

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