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Almost Paradise

January 28, 2011
By BaByGiiRl BRONZE, Atchison, Kansas
BaByGiiRl BRONZE, Atchison, Kansas
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Baby we almost had paradise, then it drifted away like a leaf in the autumn wind. O how I want to reach paradise with you. Perfect love is so hard to find, and I’m never going to give up on our love, no matter what happens. Baby you’re my soul mate, my destined love, and my one and only. I want to venture back to paradise road with you. I know we can reach paradise happily and together.
I’m coming to you with open arms, full of love and happiness. I can no longer bare to see you sad or upset. I know how mush we love each other and baby I’m never letting you go. I need you baby, my mind, body, and soul yearn for you. I’m tired of causing pain to you that is so unnecessary. I am going to be the one that you can come to, to escape all the bad in your life. I am the one that is going to be here for you absolutely no matter what.
I know that you have heard some of these words before, so to you they may mean nothing, but I promise I mean them now more than ever. I know that in order for us to be happy we must have change in our relationship. Change is exactly what I am going to show you. I’m not just going to tell you these things anymore, I’m going to back every word I say with an action.
Baby you are truly a dream come true, and I am going to show you that you are the sweetest dream I have ever had. You and I are getting back on the road to paradise, and that is exactly where we are going. We aren’t going to be making anymore crazy pit stops, we are just heading straight to paradise.
I love you Baby with all my heart and I’m going to be your BabyGirl forever. So I promise you from the bottom of my heart that I am going to do the things I have told you, and follow the promises I have made. You’re my special gift from the Lord and I am going to make that clear to the word. I love you Baby!

Love your BabyGirl

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this is to my love

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