Summer Heartache

January 28, 2011
By kdonohue92 BRONZE, Walpole, Massachusetts
kdonohue92 BRONZE, Walpole, Massachusetts
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The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say. ~Anaïs Nin

I wait up for you, but you don’t call
I stare, blankly at the phone
Sometimes I make myself think it beeped or buzzed, but it never does
My mind wanders, only thinking of you
When I’m with friends I don’t know what to call you
I brag about you and talk about you like we’re in love, but that can’t be true
You only call when you’re bored
You say you’re on your way, but you don’t show up for hours
When I kiss you I know it’s real, but that’s it
I don’t feel you as a person, but only as lips
That’s how I define you, a pair of lips
We talk, but we don’t really converse
We laugh, but only under the influence
My body confuses you, and yours confuses me
Who are you? What are we doing?
Why is it we can kiss for hours, but only talk for minutes?
You say you want more, but you could fool me
I try to get your attention, but you turn away
Why don’t you care?
I care about you, but you never notice
They say love can be mute, but is it also deaf and blind?
I want to impress you, but it’s never enough
If I could see you everyday I would, but why?
What have you done to drag me in so close to you?
Nothing about you impresses me except for your kiss
Nothing about you makes me want to fall in love
Nothing about you makes me feel like I’m loved
However, you drive me crazy
You make me feel alive in a life of boredom and repetition
Only, I think you need to let me go
This won’t work
I want to try, but you let me down too much
You’re an adrenaline needle I need to give up
It’s been fun, but needles sting, and I’m hurt

The author's comments:
Sometimes summer romance doesn't work out the way you planned...

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