I Am Afraid

January 28, 2011
By Anonymous

As I lay in my room looking all around all i see is darkness. I am scared of what's out there; in my closet, under my bed or even the bathroom. I sit there wondering what monsters, zombies or creepy things there are. What if they have spiders and snakes all over to come eat me alive? Then what do I do?! As I seek out for my answer I hear creaking floors and the sounds of footsteps. Now I have the fear of something coming . Maybe my house is just haunted with ghosts or maybe this is just a dream. Then all of a sudden I feel like it's a movie scene and I already know what is going to happen but I'm frozen with terror just waiting for what's to come. Silence falls, evil is close by now I'm stuck in my bed something unknown above my head as I feel my stomach turn into a pit I see a tunnel of light coming out of some cave then nothing all I can see is the movement of something in blood red. As I feel the end nearing all I can think is if I was in an ally would this really stink worse or is this too unreal for me to think, but indeed I'm only afraid of my imagination taking me somewhere deadly. Lost am I inside my head? Maybe I'm insane or maybe just crazy but many people are. Now my imagination has secede as I fall back down out of my dream.

The author's comments:
As I wrote this it took me back to what I used to think and do when it was dark in my room and it reminded me how afraid I was and what crazy rides my dreams or imagination could take me.That's what inspired me to write this piece.

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