For Her

January 28, 2011
What do you love most about her?
Is it her eyes, that you have said shine bright?
Or is it her smile, warm as the internal fire it expresses?
Is it the way she looks at you like you could never be more perfect?
Does she have a quirk that makes her unique,
Or is she so average that it’s beautiful?
Do you love that she paints he nails black every day,
Or that she never fixes her hair?
Do you adore that she makes animal noises
And never cares what people say?
Do you love that she wears nothing but purple,
Or that she treasures the necklace you gave her?
Is it the fact that she dances to no music,
Sings with no words and acts like a kid?
Perhaps it is simply one thing:
You love most that she loves you.

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