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Who Am I?

i'm not a prep, but i like the color pink, i'm not goth but i like the color black.
i'm not a jock but i love to play sports, i'm not a cheerleader, but i have plenty of school spirit.
i'm a drama freak, and i'm a band geek, but hey, that's just me.

i'm not a leader, but i have a mind of my own, i'm not a cheater, but i won't turn down a good short cut, i hate people who cut in line, but i love to be first, i'm not depressed, but i like the way pain hurts.
i'm weird, and i'm kooky, but hey, that's just me.

i know who i am and who i wanna be, so don't even try to change one single thing, i'm usually sweet, but i punch like a guy, i feel sorry for you, if you get on my bad side.

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