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January 24, 2011
By Madison Aucoin BRONZE, Folsom, Louisiana
Madison Aucoin BRONZE, Folsom, Louisiana
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We're doomed,
Our world cannot strive,
People keep tight opinions,
Even though no one makes it out alive.

They judge us by faith, race, and politics.
They judge us by love.
Ruthless fangs of spoken words,
That us people are so undeserving of.

A woman can't do that,
A Christian should think this,
They're the leaders of hate,
In a world filled with bliss.

Why can't a black man run for president?
Why can't a man marry another?
Why can't we believe our own religion?
Why can't a child have two mothers?

There's so many 'can'ts'
This world is far too small
To let those who stop us from being free
Continue to control us all.

Stop the hate,
Box it away,
People are who they are,
And we're all here to stay.

So maybe we're doomed
But our world can still strive
You just have to let loose your inhibitions,
Because no one makes it out alive.

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