For Julie

January 24, 2011
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For Julie (Invitation 7)

Do not become a fool,
wrapped around their fingers,
like the cold wrapped around you.
Waiting for a hit, a blow, a sucker punch.

Do not give into them,
their pressures in your head,
like a night that was spent
cornered to the wall, scared, cowardly, a wimp.

Do not think about now,
with your lips inhaling toxin,
feeling as good as a skinned knee.
With adrenaline that haunts you in your sleep
as you toss, turn, and you scream.

Think about then,
when riding bikes was enough,
to get to the summer sun.

But now, you’re as high as the moon,
that haunts you in your life,
creeping on you, until you wake.

Do not be a fool,
And just come down.

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