Return To Neverland

January 24, 2011
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Why did everything have to change?
You used to push me into the fluffy clouds
Shaped like dogs, dragons, and pirate ships
On the blue plastic swing in the backyard
Part of the play set you built for me by hand
I felt safe and above the world perched on your strong shoulders
Your arms were my favorite place to fall asleep
Your health never crossed my mind as I neared age 6

You were my biggest fan when I played soccer,
Encouraging me loudly from the side line
As I kicked and missed the ball, running around aimlessly
Your finger curled into the shape of a hook
When you chased me around yelling
“And now Peter Pan, you shall die!”
A large goofy grin splitting your face
As I soared around Never Land escaping your traps
Our plastic swords whacked and smacked
As we fought till it was time for dinner
Your health never crossed my mind as I reached age 10

We hug in the bright kitchen, granite gleaming in the sunlight
Tears leaving shiny trails down our faces
Like the glimmering path of a tiny snail
How could cancer happen to someone as wonderful as you?
If only we could return to Never Land and never grow up
Playing games, having fun, and laughing forever
If only we could return to the simple days
When I was small enough to fit in your arms
And our biggest problem was what Barbie should wear
If only everything hadn’t changed
Your health is always on my mind as I near 17

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