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January 24, 2011
By Tyler Harton BRONZE, Clarkson, Michigan
Tyler Harton BRONZE, Clarkson, Michigan
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A pathetic generation
Is what’s left of today’s youth
Where a life of gossip and backstabbing
Seems to be the truth

Gagging on your nonsense
It’s time for you to choke
Lusting for attention,
You are just another joke

Brain dead drones, generic human waste
So open your ears
As I spit the truth into your face

Ignorant and thoughtless
Is all you’ll ever be
Inhaling the latest craze
Exhaling your own stupidity

No one is reliable,
Nothing’s as you think
There is always someone gossiping,
Hoping that you sink

Where perfection is everything,
You all try to make the cut
You sell yourself in an attempt
To fill the hopeless rut

You hate the drama
You proclaim peculiarly
Yet whenever you speak,
I only hear hypocrisy

Spreading senseless rumors
With an avaricious glut
Feeding on all the anguish and the lies
You vomit up

Pretentious human vermin
In a foolish state of mind
Wallowing in infamy
You are the worst one could hope to find

Are you satisfied with what you have become?
Worthless wastes of space thinking your insolence is fun?

Indulge in your dementia all you want
Only you can change your pathetic ways

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