A Clown In A Maze

January 24, 2011
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Over and over again, Laughter shakes
through my head
I don’t know what to do.
I know I’ve Fallen for you,
But I feel like
a monkey,
a jester,
a clown.

I see you
On the other side
of an empty room
that I just can’t reach.
There is so much distance and no matter
how much I run
foot after foot and step after step;
yell after yell, and call after call;
trip after stumble and fall;
The gap just gets
so I put my Clown
Shoes on and walk
Tripping Up the giant stairs
To the almost only empty room
in a Full house
of Empty Faces.

There is Nothing between
You and I
Except some social slurs,
some rude remarks,
some lurking looks,
Judging glares.
in this ever expanding room,
I trip over my Big red clown shoes and fall on my
Red clown nose and hurt my face
Every time I chase you.

my face hurts, both noses are
my pride is crying, and my
confidence crushed.

This room may be empty
but the house is full and everybody is watching
for something that shouldn’t exist but does—
To those
who know what they are
Looking For.

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