The Ship Sank Slowly

January 30, 2011
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When the water broke-in, I neither panicked, nor did I flee the invading current.
I sat silent in my chamber, pondering a man in the mirror.
A man conflicted by the contrast of his face.
On the left side of his mouth was a hasty scar, hardly hidden under an embarrassing stumble of facial hair. A shady shadow casted from his craggy long hair… The ugly, unperfected shadow created a crescent across his vice-piercings on his left eyebrow.
The man was conflicted by his long-ago past, for he had changed.
He perfected change, the right side of his face glowed with redemption, his clean cut shave hid nothing- Not a scar, not a shadow… Nothing!
The man examined the water that slowly flooded my room. I could not let this man off the sinking ship, for he had to be one. A gloomy past can make for a radiant future; but this man could not be conflicted by his contrast, he had to eliminate contrast and be one.
As the water filled the room to my chest, I dropped to my knees, closed my eyes, and submerged the bitter water.
Gasping for air, I quickly came up and looked into the mirror. The man made became one. The shady side had washed up. His clean-cut face hit nothing. No scar. No shady crescent. No vice-piercing. His hair had been buzzed- no longer would he walk around with knots of long shady hair. For the man could leave the ship now.
I quickly made my way to the deck...
Upon reaching the deck I heard the euphonious echo of complete redemption, the beautiful melody of change. For when I reach the shore, my life as one has only but began.

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