i have left

January 30, 2011
my life has its ups and downs
but when it come to you i shud never drown,
drown in these tears you are bringing on,
you told me u loved me but did you ever mean it?
cause all you seem to do is kick kick kick
kick my heart down, i miss you i really do
but when it comes to you,
my heart hurts, i feel guilt, i feel wat once was
wat shud be
i thought you loved me
love shud never go away,
so why would you ever leave me that way
you should have stayed
because now you've missed your chance,
chance to have the most true friend back
but you've forgotten the word forgI've, you mistrusted me
you disgust me
how many times have i forgI'ven you?
how many times did i play fool?
people tell me things, the people you thought wudnt tell a soul
well they did, how could you be so cold?
you step all over me, right after i gave you the key
the key to open my heart, mind , and soul
now when i think of you i see the word, foul
i know i am not perfect
i don't try to be
but this is what you expect of mi
i cant be what you want, i am only me
nothing more nothing less
but i must confess
my other side would come out whenever i was with you
but now i have no clue
there is me and there is you,
we go our separate ways because now i wnt forgI've you
the tables seem to have turned,
you want your friend back but your friend has gone away
the lesson that you have learned,
cherish each moment, for it can be ripped away.
maybe next time you will come to your senses
sooner, because I've left.

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