He is just another statistic

January 30, 2011
By , tampa, FL
There he stood the only thing that blocked us from each other were ourselves.
As the sun went down he still stood there and I had nothing to say.
I mean what was there to say, he left me when I need him! He wasn’t there! He became
a statistic and whose fault was that? Not mine
He left me when I needed him… How could you leave you own blood out in the cold,
with nothing but a heartache and a mother to depend on. From that day on what could I
Say to him? Yes he was my biological dad, other than that he was nothing… nothing
but a statistic. I didn’t even recognize his face eleven years is a lot at least now I finally realized it was… To think the man standing before me was my dad, that’s kind of hard to believe I didn’t even think he
Looked like me. But he claimed me to be his daughter as soon as those crisp words ran across his
Lips i felt like crying but I would not let him know that he won! I stood up tall, took a deep breath, turned my head the same way he did that very night he left his five year old daughter and walked away. Very little time but a lot was said with just those four words. Words i never thought I would hear.” You are my Daughter” those three minutes felt like a life time that day…It felt so serial like a movie you would think one who hadn’t seen their dad since they were five would turn around and run, jump, and kiss him. I couldn’t I didn’t know this man standing before me. And no matter what nothing changed I still didn’t have a dad and my real dad was still just statistic not a man a statistic nothing more. And me I’m a sophomore in high school no thanks to him. If there is one thing I learned is that I didn’t miss out he did…

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