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January 30, 2011
Your smile gleams as the Yellow dawn fights the white teeth, Yelling for attention. the diamonds slaughter the gold.

Your eYes plaYfullY shoot around the emptY field, franticallY searching for a discrete area to hide themselves. the sun contradicts the contiguous moon.

Your hands flY to Your grecian god-like face, in an attempt to cover the heavenlY bodies. theY move with agilitY, grace, sacrifice. a lioness trails a lion in silence, completing the cYcle.

a near black fire consumes me as i immediatelY envY a four Year old politician, winning Yet another vote of admiration-winning mY vote of admiration.

outside of mY darkening blaze, Yellow specks of fluffY pollen circulate their forms. he removes the animals and growls like one. she screams. the whole arena is filled with sunbathed laughter in perfect harmony, attempting a tan. the black prohibits the exhibitor from pursuing the same result. a flame stings my cheek.

i can no longer assemble features through the licking, engulfing coal black waves that are encompassing and encircling my bodY. i am past the point of horrid, ghastlY pain. watching the kid got me here. watching the kid got me out. the ocean shrieks.

i flail mY arms in a pathetic attempt to shake the concrete jealousY. the only result is appearing more like an invisible phoenix.

i don’t know if it’s possible that i can feel disintegration. the point of boiling flesh is done as my ashes begin to fall, one by one. the meadow still plaYs, and the two still sway as the fire evaporates in favor of a new form.

You know those old people who are excited for death? whether their excitement stems from boredom or exhaust? i had always thought that the idea of nothing-evev if it onlY extends for the second of the flat line-would be horrific.

but now, this absolute nothing-thoughts, feelings, with pain being the least of mY worries- was a popsicle i chased as a kid. funny how as i am burning into dull, gray ashes i would stumble upon the thought of a popsicle. now that is just ir

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