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And Now There`s Just Me

January 30, 2011
By Anonymous

How did this happen?
We were the same person
A year ago.
Now, we`re more different than anything.

Why were so you blind!
At first, you cared
And I did not.
Then everything changed,
And a cover emerged,
Over your eyes.
Blinding you from seeing the truth.

You no longer saw what was right in front of you,
Your bestfriend,
You left her,
She was there, for only a short time.

Now this girl is gone,
I have changed.
She no longer exists,
It`s simply me.
This girl you created,
All thanks to you.

But without you,
This girl never would`ve existed.
When you we`re friends,
She was happy,
Happier than ever.

Then you misunderstood,
You took her for granted,
Left her to be blown away
Like a loose piece of soil.
And wherever she was blown,
She would be stepped on.

You were her brother,
She was your sister.
Practically the same.
Except, when she told you she cared,
Your big head,
Thought it meant she liked you.
Then you ruined her yet again,
Never talked to her,
Let her go.
You hated her for caring,
You thought there would always be someone,
Who loved you almost as much as you love yourself.
Well she has news for you,
You have no one,
You gave her up.
The only thing you left,
Was me.

The author's comments:
My best friend.

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