I’m fine

January 30, 2011
By Eagle PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
Eagle PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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"I don’t have pet peeves — I have major psychotic f**king hatreds!"
George Carlin

There’s nothing wrong with me
I have no problems
I can pull through anything

I am strong
I am always okay
Nothing can knock me down

I don’t need love
I don’t need friends
I don’t need help

You can’t open a stone heart
There is no chance ill ever open
But when you break rock, it shatters

Cracks are appearing
Earthquakes rage at the heart
Emotions are becoming stronger

NO! This can’t happen
I must stay strong
I can’t break

I am steel
I am unbreakable
But I’m begging to bend

Why is this happening?
What is your goal?
Please just tell me

I can’t do this
I have to find out
I need to know

But you’re not there
You’ve left
Now all that’s left is the aftermath

The wreak that is me
The empty shell
That still sits and waits


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