One Wish

January 8, 2011
So much given, but so much more taken
A lifetime of an open heart so carelessly wasted
How much more can one sacrifice of their self
Before all of it crashes down and there's...
Nothing more to be extracted
A bleeding soul searching for an outlet
Poured forth onto a simple page, an open stage
Chance has left so many answers, so many hidden tickets
To let go of the burden tying down
All those who wish they'd coincide with some freedom
Just for once, they dream of opportunity meant for them
Possibility for their own desires and not
To fuel the dreams of every other hopeless artist
Waiting in line for their turn to live, to breathe
To find out what it's like to step outside the darkness
But all of that escapes them and so rarely
Do they find a break between fearless living...
And their own fearful reality they're meant to persevere through
How do they do it though?
When all they've got to hope for is a bright stab at the dark?
They wait in deafening silence as each day
Only brings the end of more time
Nothing is done, cause what is there to do
For a solution-less problem that no one's truly conquered?
Their release comes with a pen and a notebook
And goes no further than the words they inscribe
So many carefully wish that the answer is
Simply in the words, but for so many, the only answer
They find is in the scars that they wear
Never hidden from those with true concern
Those scars are the only proof that they've hit a dead end
They see no other way, no other form of escape
They roll down their sleeves on the pain that has stayed
Through the months, through the years, nothing but fear
Has followed these tears that no one has caught
But underneath the injury is a blessing in disguise
A plea for somebody, anybody to reach out
And put a stop to this demise
All they've ever wanted is to know who they are
For someone to see beyond the scars on their heart
Those defeats that hit hard
What they hope for is a someone to write love on their arms

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